We have entered a new year, 2018.   In considering what God has done for us through the past year, I was contemplating what we believe about Who our God is, what is He like, what is His nature?  In other words, what are the attributes of our God?

So, as we begin this year, we will consider the attributes of God as a special “series” of posts each Friday for the next several months. A couple of notes at the outset of this series.

  • There are numerous listings of the attributes of our God, and I will not be covering each and every one. 
  • I certainly will not consider the posts here to be the final authority on any of the topics, but I pray that we would think about the nature of God and His attributes and realize that each of them have a significant impact on our faith in Him. 
  • There will probably be times when pictures are not appropriate for the post topic.  So please bear with me.  
  • There will likely be many questions, comments, and elements of the attributes that I do not cover in the post and tangential positions that I did not explore.  I would encourage you to let me know of your comments, etc., and if there are questions I will gladly respond.  But, the posts are not intended to be exhaustive studies on the attributes.  
  • I pray that the studies presented here will whet your appetite for your own further, more detailed, study of the attributes of God so that your understanding of Him will be deeper than ever before. 

If your family is like mine, on New Year’s Eve we held out until midnight when we watched the ball drop to mark the beginning of the new year.  As we were ticking off the minutes to that moment when the calendar changed and 2017 was gone forever, we pondered just where the “old year” went?  How did time fly away so quickly?  What have we done with the time that God has granted to us? 

Since “time” was so paramount in our thoughts that evening, I thought the best place to begin in consideration of the attributes of God would be His Eternality – that is His eternal nature.  That post will begin the series next Friday, January 12.

As we begin to consider this topic, I would ask that you pray for guidance and that, together, we will grow to be even more in love with our God, His Son, and His Holy Spirit than ever before.

Blessings to each of you, my dear followers, as we embark on our 2018 journey.



In April, 2016, The Ruminant Scribe blog will turn one year old.  So, it seems a good time to begin something new.

Beginning in April, there will be a new series coming to The Ruminant Scribe.  More specifically, we will be looking at the Fruit of the Spirit that Paul identifies in Galatians 5:22-23.  We will be considering what the Scripture says about this fruit, how it manifested itself in Jesus’ life, and how we can put it in practice in our own lives.  The plan is to post the Fruit of the Spirit study on Friday and the general “snapshot” post on Tuesday.

I am praying that this series will be challenging to you, it certainly was to me when I prepared the study.  I need to be reminded of how critical the fruit of the Spirit is, so I wanted to refresh it in my mind and share it with you as well.

If you have comments or thoughts about the series, please let me know.  If the Lord speaks to you as you read the post or as you read the Scripture referenced, please share your thoughts and insights.   You can place a question, comment, thought or insight in the comment section of the post and I should receive notification of it.  I will respond as soon as I can.  I am excited about this new series and this adventure in Bible study through blogging!

Blessings to you, this day and always through our Lord Jesus Christ.