Veterans’ Day 2019

Thank you to the many Veterans who have served our country so faithfully, defending our rights and providing security during turbulent times.  We have been privileged to have three veterans in our family:  both my husband’s father and my father served in World War II, and our son served 18 years in the U.S. Marine Corps seeing military action in a number of Middle East countries and working in various places where military assistance was required.  Indeed, my son often would say (with a smile) that he was providing the “blanket of security” under which I slept.   It is right that we should thank them for their service. 

Jon and Bird of Hope
Providing assistance in Haiti after devastating hurricane.

Thank you, too, to the spouses and families of the veterans who have been called to go into combat because they, too, pay a price.  I remember being on a Marine base when one of our grandchildren turned 4 and had a birthday party.  A mother came up to my husband, who was pushing a toddler on the swing, and she thanked him for playing with her daughter.  “You see, she is kinda sad today because Daddy left this morning and he won’t be back for many months.  Thanks for paying attention to her. It means a great deal.”

Thank you, too, to our God who has guided the men and women of our Armed Forces so that they can come back and be reunited with their families when their tour of duty is over.  For those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, I pray that God will continue to give comfort and aid to the spouses and children who have lost their parent, and to the families who have lost a son or daughter.   

May God bless our country and all those who protect her through military service.

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