HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, and you, and me and IT!

“Happy birthday” was heard repeatedly in our family over the last few days.  In the month of April, we have four birthdays for three generations to celebrate, all within a span of 5 days.  I am the eldest, marking 7 decades of wonders and heartaches as life rolled on in its relentless migration toward the moniker of “senior citizen”. 

My son celebrated his birthday, which happens to be the day after my birthday.  He graciously waited until “my day” was over before he entered this world. 

The third generation was the celebration of the birth of one of my grandsons.  This was a special celebration since, the day before his actual birthday, he was baptized after testifying that the Lord Jesus was his Savior upon whom he trusted for eternal life, now and forevermore.  What a celebration.

The fourth birthday in the month was that of the blog site The Ruminant Scribe, Snapshots of God’s World and Word, which celebrated turning three years old.

Ruminant scribe logo

The first post to the site was dated April 15, 2015 and 316 posts followed thereafter.  It has been my pleasure and privilege to write the posts, and I thank the Lord for His guidance and leading in so doing.  I, also, thank God for my husband, Bill, who has been my faithful editor and proof-reader. 

What has been a total surprise to me is the reach of the blog.  I am certainly not as experienced as many, and I do not have many followers, but that is fine with me.  I am confident that the people who read the blog are those God directs to the site.  Moreover, I appreciate and am humbled by each one of the men and women who have spent time with the posts that I wrote.  And I truly appreciate those who have provided comments or who liked what they read and rated the posts for additional feedback.  Thank you so much.

In reviewing the reach of the blog, I have been amazed at the countries identified as places from which various readers have come.  Today, for example, in addition to people from the United States, visitors to The Ruminant Scribe have come from India, Slovakia, and Canada.   The blog has now been read, at least in part, in over 100 countries. 

The concept that people from around the world have read something that I have written, even if they didn’t read the whole post, is amazing and humbling, and it prompts me to give my best as I represent my King and Savior to others. 

I thank the Lord that in His providence He is providing the readership that He wants the blog to have.  For that reason, I pray that each post is encouraging people in their spiritual walk with the Lord, no matter where they live.

All in all, it is to God that I give the credit for the idea of the blog in the first place, as well as for the scope and breadth of the blog.  It is to God that I give all thanks for the desire to do this work and to reach out to others in this way.  It is to the Holy Spirit that I seek counsel and direction in writing the blog and in preparing the posts each week.  And it is to my Lord and Savior that I dedicate this blog with the prayer that His name will be glorified throughout the earth.

So, happy birthday to each of my family members, and happy birthday to The Ruminant Scribe.  May God shower His blessings on each of us this coming year and may we praise His Glorious Name as we seek to glorify Him in all our life activities, whether we are young or old. 

Father, I praise Your Name and thank You for the privilege of seeing my children and grandchildren as they grow and mature.  I thank You too for the growth and perseverance of The Ruminant Scribe for the past three years.  Father, I pray that Your Spirit would continue to guide and enlighten Your Word as we study and prepare the posts for the blogsite.  I thank You for allowing me to participate in using this technology to spread the witness of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Thank You Lord.


4 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, and you, and me and IT!

  1. Happy (belated) birthday to you, your blog, your son, and your grandson! 🎉 🎊 And how special it is that he was baptized the day before his birthday! ❤


  2. Thank you so much. I truly do pray that the posts are encouraging that the Lord would use the site for His purposes. Blessings to you and thanks for the kind words.


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