I have been preparing posts for publication on The Ruminant Scribe over two years without taking a pause … but that is going to change for a short while.

Tomorrow, September 8, I will be having major back surgery.  Replacement of broken rods that are on either side of the spine and insertion of two additional shorter rods for added support of the lumbar spine. 

I will likely be out of commission for several weeks and I don’t want to just republish posts previously issued simply to fill up space.  (And, I certainly don’t want to write a post while bobble-headed on medication!) 

Instead, I would be thankful for prayers for successful surgery without any complications or infections and for patience and peace for my beloved Husband who will be my caregiver through this time.  After all, I will be asleep for hours while he is pacing the hospital floor … he has the hard part!

Seriously, I am humbled by the men and women who have followed The Ruminant Scribe these past couple of years, and I am looking forward to getting back into it ASAP, Lord willing.  If you have been blessed through this blog site, please praise the Lord, and let me know.  If you have not, please let me know how I can improve it.  And, if you know the Lord our God, please petition Him for successful resolution of the issues requiring surgical intervention.

Blessings to each and every one of you. 

Linda, aka The Ruminant Scribe

17 thoughts on “A BRIEF PAUSE

  1. I praise Him and thank Him for allowing you to do this too. 🙂


    I’m so glad to hear from you; sorry that you have had a difficult day. I hope you feel better soon, and I’ll be praying for you! ❤


  2. Thanks Ellen. I know that you have been praying…we can feel the support. The PT folks are working hard to prepare me for handling any difficulties that might arise this Sunday. They have given us permission to go to church at the PCA church across the street from the facility. In so making that agreement, they have created additional therapy goals so that I’ll be ready to meet whatever problems might occur. God is good.


  3. The prayers have surely been strong and I have felt presence of The Great Healer God, our Lord uand of his people through prayers. Thanks for your loving support.


  4. Thanks Becky for the prayers. God is supplying our needs beyond any way that we ever could have thought of. It appears that I will be able to leave rehab on Sunday to visit a PCA church across the street. Praise his name.


  5. Thanks so much she. God has been answering prayers left and right. He has even caused the physical therapy folks to take special steps to prepare me to go to church on Sunday at a PCA church across the street from the facility. Love you.


  6. If they have been a blessing, I praise the Lord and thank him for allowing me to do this. No apology is necessary for being delayed . Thanks again for your comment. It was wonderful blessing as this has been difficult day.

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  7. (I’m a bit behind in blogging, and I’m just now seeing this; sorry I’m so late! 😳) You’re in my prayers! ❤

    I have been so blessed by your posts. I love how you can take an everyday situation and turn it into a Bible lesson. And some not-so-ordinary situations. (After all, how often do you find a car with two front ends?!)

    I look forward to your return. 🙂


  8. Thanks so much, Bruce. I praise the Lord that He has used the blog to encourage you in your faith and dedication to Him. I thank you for your comments and, mostly, for your prayers. It is significant surgery, but I am in His hands and His Will will be done. He is, after all, THE Healer of all things, heart, soul and body. Blessings to you, Linda

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  9. Hi Linda, I have learned a lot from your posts and am indebted to you for sharing. Have added you to my prayer list and will keep you there until you return all healed. Blessings to you and your family. Bruce

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