Casting Crowns’ carol “While you were sleeping” compares Bethlehem on that night 2000 years ago with the United States today.  The song was written by John Mark Hall and is included in the album Peace on Earth, published in 2008.  As you consider the words of this modern carol, think about whether the words were an accurate depiction of American society in 2008.  What about in 2016?

I pray that you would hear the carol and look to Jesus Christ, the Babe who was born so long ago and who died to be our Savior from our sins.  He rose from the dead and is now in heaven with the Father, interceding for His children on earth.  Praise His holy name!

I present to you Casting Crowns’ carol “While you were sleeping”.

Hand-crafted nativity scene


Here is a link to the lyrics if you prefer to read them as you listen to the song.  while-you-were-sleeping

In Matthew chapter 25, Jesus gives two parables about the coming of the kingdom of God.  The thrust of both of them is found in verse 13 of this chapter:

Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour.

We don’t know when Jesus will return.  Scripture is clear that He will come back a second time, the first time as a Babe in the manger and the second time as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.   This Christmas season we have looked at the scripture of His first coming as a Babe in the manger.  The book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, the last book in the Bible, is clear that there will be a second coming when He will come back to claim His bride, His people, and to extinguish the evil that has reigned on this planet.  But, we do not know when that will be.  While it has not happened for 2000 years, we must not lapse into complacency.  Rather, we need to be prepared and to be in an attitude of “watching” for Him.

As you go into this new year, pray that the Lord will guide you into His truth and Word. Pray that He will reveal to you if anything is hindering full allegiance to Him, the King of Kings.  Pray that you will not be so tied to the things of this world that you cannot see what is eternal and of everlasting importance.  Pray that you will be faithful in keeping watch for His return by reading His Word, by praying, by communing with fellow believers, by being His hands and feet in our world.  And, if you are not a believer in Jesus, pray that His Spirit would convict you of your need for the Savior.  He will respond to your heartfelt request in love, mercy and grace.

May the Lord bless you today, and throughout the upcoming year.

Father, I pray that You would send Your Spirit to Your people so that we would be an effective witnesses in our society and world as a whole.  I pray that we would be keeping watch for Your Son’s return, and that we would honor Him with our lives.  Give us strength to be faithful to Your call, in Jesus Name I pray. 


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